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I have struggled for years with a bloated stomach and after just one month I lost 7 inches off my waist and 5 inches off my hips. Working with India has really changed my life, I would be lost without her support and knowledge. Most importantly, she has helped me to love myself again- something I thought was impossible. 

Leah T.
During my time with India I loved seeing my body change for the better along with my skin and energy levels. She helped me create a positive mindset which lead to regaining control over my eating and understanding that weightloss is not a quick fix but a long-term project. I would 100% recommend India to any woman who is looking to lose weight or their bloated tummy. She makes the whole process fun and enjoyable.

Laura L.
I have been working with India for 3 months now and have already dropped a dress size. She is offering one of the best services when it comes to losing stomach bloat and weight loss (and keeping it off). I especially love that her programmes can be easily integrated into my busy work and social life.

Sophie L.
Since working with India I have lost 
over 1 stone and finally feel 
confident in my body again. 
India has been my rock over 
the last couple of months – 
she is encouraging, supportive 
and very patient. Thank you 
so much India for all of your 
help, completing the UGBP 
has changed the way I feel 
about my body and my health. 
I officially love exercising now!

Jess B.
Since starting the programme I have noticed my physique becoming a lot leaner and stronger, my fat % has decreased (yay) and I also seem to have loads more energy! I love the fact that the programme can be integrated into my busy schedule and will definitely be recommending India to my friends. Thanks India you have been a star!

Claire M.
I cannot thank you enough India for helping me improve my lifestyle and nutrition. Taking a food intolerance 
test has made a huge difference to 
how I eat and my painful bloating 
has officially disappeared. An added bonus is that I have lost 5kg without trying leaving me feeling more comfortable and confident in 
my own skin.

Francesca M
After just 2 months of working with 
India i have lost inches off my arms, 
legs, hip and stomach. I have also 
been able to fall back in love with exercising – something that became 
a big chore for me. Something worth mentioning is that during my time 
in the UGBP I received regular 
support from India. She encouraged 
me to stay on track in a way that 
made me want to succeed rather 
than feeling forced to.

Emily E.
Yesterday I ran my first mile without stopping – I couldn’t run to the end 
of my driveway before. The food and exercise is all helping me feel 
healthier and more energetic. Thank 
you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

Paula B.
I am feeling super fired up and 
motivated to get fit, feel fabulous 
and happier. I feel like i’ve needed 
to do something like this for years 
and have just needed the right 
support. Already I have seen a 
difference in my mood and energy. 
I am so excited to continue working 
with you going forward.

Sophie T.
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