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Helping Busy, Office-Based Women Lose the Bloated Stomach & Feel 
110% Confident Again | WSFG Method |
I specifically work with ....
 Busy women who work a minimum of 40 hours/week
 Who suffer with stomach bloating, high stress levels and stubborn        belly fat
 Who work hard in the office everyday but still like to enjoy a chilled      glass of prosecco in the evening
 Who aspire to feel 100% confident in their bikinis during that                   holiday they’ve worked so hard for
 Who would love to actually enjoy ‘working out’ and watching their         body tone up and lean out
I have been working with India for 3 months now 
and have already dropped a dress size.
 She is offering one of the best services when it comes
 to losing stomach bloat and weight loss (and keeping it off). 
I especially love that her programmes can be easily 
integrated into my busy work and social life. 
- Sophie, London

During my time with India I loved seeing my body change
  for the better along with my skin and energy levels. 
She helped me understand that weightloss 
is not a quick fix but a long-term project. 
I would 100% recommend India to any woman 
who is looking to lose weight or their bloated tummy. 
- Laura, SW London

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